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Gypsum Animal Hospital

Hello and Welcome to Gypsum Animal Hospital

Our goal at GAH is to take great care of pets to allow you full enjoyment with your pets. Our hospital policy is an open one; you will always be welcome to watch us work on your pets (unless there is a surgery, emergency or very gory procedure occurring).

We also want you to know that if there is anything we can provide for you, or your pets…PLEASE do not hesitate to call us or simply stop by. We are always available. And remember, when it comes to the health of your pet, there are no stupid questions!

Stephen Sheldon, DVM

Gypsum Animal Hospital

Our Staff…

Stephen Sheldon, DVM (and Lincoln) steve 2012 Is our hospital director. Dr. S grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida where his undergraduate and veterinary medical and graduate studies were done (go gators!). In case you are wondering that was 8 years of college (Dr. S likes to joke that he was a slow learner but 8 years of college is what it takes to become a veterinarian). He owned and ran an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital for 14 years before relocating to Colorado over 11 years ago. He is a past-president of the South Florida Veterinary Medical Association, an organization with over 250 members, and served on the executive board for 10 years. His family has been visiting the valley for over 30 years and he couldn’t wait to move here. He lives in Eagle with his wife, Roni, their 5 children and numerous 4-legged furry friends. Dr. S truly loves veterinary medicine and is a scientist at heart; he would much rather look down a microscope than at a computer screen! He has an off color sense of humor and enjoys his work; he makes sure his staff does as well. His interests are internal medicine, general medical practice, soft tissue surgery, pediatrics, and chemotherapy or cancer treatments.

GAH was a labor of love for Dr. Sheldon and took 2 years to conceive, design and build. We encourage you to stop by and take a tour of the facilities and see our surgery suite, full laboratory, outpatient treatment area, boarding kennels and digital x-ray machine; we wanted Gypsum to have the nicest facility in the valley and hope we achieved our goal.

Dr. S is a member of the following professional organizations: American Veterinary Medical Assn (VMA), Colorado VMA, Florida VMA, Veterinary Cancer Society, American Assn of Feline Practitioners, American Animal Hospital Assn, and the Morris Animal Foundation.

Speaking of staff; Dr. S has hired a staff that is as dedicated to taking care of our animals as he is. Here is some info on them:


Roni Sheldon (and Franki)roni@gypsumah.comroni 2012

Roni is married to Dr. Sheldon; they live in Eagle with their numerous pets and even more numerous children (five total from 2-21 years of age). Roni can be found in the office doing tohe glamourous job of bookeeping and other fun office clerical work. She likes medicine so we try to get her to assist whnever we can. Roni s a very athletic person and enjoys biking, running, swimming, hiking, yoga and cell phone talking.


Jessica Rivera (and Dually) jessica 2012

Jessica is our senior veterinary technician. She is a local Gypsum Gal and knows just about everyone who walks in our door. (Their pets too!) She spent a number of her younger years in 4H and when she’s not here with us, she’s normally riding her horses, off roading, or hanging out at the ranch. She has 3 dogs- Dually, Bear, and Dyna.


Melanie Pfeiffer (and Vader, Leia, & Wicket) melanie@gypsumah.commel 2012

Melanie joined us in the summer of 2011as a veterinary technician from southeastern Alabama. She enjoys football (GO STEELERS!), music , video games, and just about anything with four legs. Her pets are too many to list here. Her husband is an air traffice controller at the Eagle County Airport, if you are lucky he’ll give you a tour!


Nadine Lober, DVM (and Ted) amivet@aol.comnadine 2012

Dr. Nadine has been practicing in the valley for decades (doesn’t she look like she just graduated?). Dr. Nadine is usually here on Fridays and covers for Dr. S’s vacations. In addition to practicing traditional medicine, Dr. Nadine is a licensed veterinary acupuncturist and is also a ski instructor for Vail Associates.


hosp treatment 2012


Albert : Albert is our candy striper or as they call them now, patient advocates. He was adopted from the shelter and has more fans, visitors and friends than anyone else here at GAH. He is gentle soul with a weak spot for scratches behind the ear. You can often find him sitting on our front desk.


EmmaEmma : Emma is our main source of trouble at the clinic. Her sweet face is very deceiving as she can be purring one moment and chasing Albert the next. You’ll notice her around the office in her uniform- a black t-shirt with the words “I bite” and her signature pink vinyl nail caps.


Associate Veterinarians We do have other veterinarians on staff here at GAH. Dr. Nadine helps us out when Dr. S is out of town and Dr. Gentry is our staff orthopedic surgeon who operates on a case-by-case basis.

We are located on Highway 6, between and Gypsum and Costco, next to the Big Dog Car Wash

680 Red Table Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637

(970) 524-3647

Our hours are:

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-1pm



Boarding hours for drop off’s and pick up’s during the weekends are 9AM & 6PM ONLY.




In an effort to make Health Care more affordable and to keep us on our toes, we run monthly specials. Check back every month to see what is going on at GAH. We will also match any offer you see from any other local veterinary hospital; just mention it at the front desk.

spay month

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