10 best cities for young attorneys to live

If your a young attorney, here’s where you should live-

As some of you know, I spent the majority of my youth trying to get out of Texas. I succeeded by going to college in the Northeast, and never looked back. I’ve been a die-hard New Yorker for decades now, yet Texans won’t leave me alone. They keep telling me that I’ve made a big lifestyle mistake—that I’d be living in an 28-room manse and eating decent Tex-Mex if only I had parked my boots in Houston.
For reasons I can’t fathom, Texas seems to be the place to be. Once again, The National Jurist has put Dallas and Houston on its top 10 list of cities for young lawyers. Weighing three factors (salary to cost of living; size of legal community; and social/cultural offerings), the Jurist recently published the 20 best and worst cities for newbie lawyers.
Here are the top 10 best cities from that list:
Washington, D.C.
Salt Lake City
San Francisco
Most of those places are perfectly livable, I suppose, though some strike me as a tad dull (I mean, Salt Lake City, seriously?). Washington, D.C. landed in the top spot in the Jurist, because it boasts the third highest entry-level salary for lawyers (almost $150,000), a high percentage of young’ns (20.7 percent of its residents are between the ages of 24 to 34) and a lively arts and culture scene. Plus, 8.1 percent of D.C.’s residents are in the legal field (New York only has 1.7 percent). Think dating prospects!
Dallas landed in the second “best” spot “largely based on strong entry level salaries and low cost of living,” reports Jurist. (Translation: You can live in a big house and shop to your heart’s content at Nieman-Marcus but don’t go there for the stimulating culture).
And where’s New York City? It got a respectable 15th place on the “best” list. (Yes, expect to live in a dinky studio apartment but you will be so stimulated that you won’t care. Trust me.)
What about the suckiest city for young lawyers? Here are the 10 places to avoid like STDs:
Little Rock, AR
Louisville, KY
Jackson, MS
Charleston, SC
Oklahoma City
Las Vegas
Des Moines
The worst place in the country for a young lawyer is Little Rock, Arkansas, where, of course, Bill and Hillary Clinton bravely headed after graduating from Yale Law School. According to the Jurist, Little Rock is a bleak place, where the mean salary for is only $57,676 and only 1 percent of the population work in the legal field. As for cultural offerings, well, there’s always WalMart.
Okay, I admit that I’m being a total New York snob, so let me try to be fair. As dreary as a Little Rock might be, it could also offer you a chance to shine with extraordinary brilliance. I mean, look at Bill and Hillary. Would they have gone as far as they have if they headed to the Big Apple and toiled away at Cravath or Davis Polk?

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